Corrosion is a costly problem

As coatings fail, structures degrade resulting in corrosion. From maintaining the integrity of our infrastructure to having safe water in our homes, the effects of corrosion cost our economy billions of dollars every year. Facilities and equipment can last 5 to 10 times longer when an industrial coating is applied by a trained, skilled workforce.

The Coating and Corrosion Expo recognizes the need to better educate and promote best practices in the Coating and Corrosion Industry. When you have questions about corrosion protections, products or application specialists - WE HAVE THE ANSWERS YOU NEED.
By partnering with highly skilled contractors and suppliers, we're able to provide engineers, coatings application specialists, architects and public works departments with the most comprehensive knowledge and training possible.
Meet industry professionals and get the latest product information. Network with SSPC and NACE Professionals. Stay current on industry trends and standards. Participate in live demonstrations. Learn the benefits of using a Coating Application Specialist (CAS) Professional.
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